Well…Phil’s new video was absolutely incredible. 

It was awesome! It felt kind of like a PJ video, but Phil-i-fied!

I’m so happy with it! 

Things to note about the Forever Train - 

  • In the shot of Phil’s face in the newspaper on the table, in one of the smaller articles next to his photo, there’s a headline that reads ‘Speeding hotdogs no case for HS2’ - the HS2 is a basically a high speed railway that the Government plan to build right through England in about 2036, however, this newspaper would suggest that there is now ‘no case’ for such a railway, perhaps indicating that the newspaper is from a time vaguely close to our present day. 
  • A typical ‘conductor’s’ hat would usually have the word ‘conductor’ embroidered onto it, or engraved into a small golden plaque on the front - PJ’s, however, has an infinity sign embroidered onto it, perhaps implying that his job, or role is a conductor, but his infinity is a conductor, they are one and the same. This infinity sign is then replicated or doodled onto a piece of paper on a table behind Chris at around 4:11 and again later on, which could mean that the infinity signs are in fact tickets to board the ‘Forever Train’, and neither Chris, nor the little boy have an infinity to give. 
  • The Fly/business man actually has a small pirate ship next to his window, and when Chris leaves for the first time, he bids him ‘money ahoy’. This could suggest that he is some sort of pirate, or sailor. 
  • Chris constantly tells the passengers aboard the Forever Train ‘not to worry’ about the suitcase, whether they ask about it or not. He even tells Daisy and Colin, whom he’s just offended, not to worry about the suitcase, despite the fact that they never brought it up. 
  • At 1:25 you can actually see the Bandit pick up the suitcase and walk away with it from behind PJ.
  • Shortly after this happens, the exterior shot of the train on the tracks changes direction, and has the train travelling back the way it came
  • Dripay (Myles Wheeler - the little boy with the cookies) is actually revealed to be the Conductor’s grandson at the end of the film, during the voice over he says ‘I want everybody on this train to wish my grandson Drippy a happy birthday today’. However, if we put this together with what Drippy explained at the start of the film - ‘I’m on a last minute trip to visit my grandma…I made her cookies…find it in your heart’ it would also appear that the Conductor has a wife, and, if we follow the theme of Little Red Riding Hood here, it is likely she is very sick. This could be putting a whole new spin on the film, in regards to the Conductor’s missing heart, the robot of pain and fear, the frozen girl…


I’m still not over Dan resting his head on Phil’s shoulder in Anthony’s vlog. I will never be over it.

Hold on, did this actually happen?!

So…I liked Dan’s video. However, I do kind of feel that now may not have been the best time to upload a video which could be interpreted as creating a negative connotation on ‘sharing your opinion’; not whilst there’s so much happening that people need to be sharing an opinion on. People need to be talking about rape, they need to be sharing their opinion on sexual harassment, people need to draw attention to these issues, and by simply nope-ing out of awkward conversations where someone asks you about them, nothing is ever solved. 

I get where he’s coming from, but to put it in perspective - Jack made a video about Feminism, Louise and Alfie made videos about Youtube Culture, Charlie made a video about Consent, Jim made a video on Gender Equality…and Dan made a video explaining that he ‘avoids having conversations with people who feel very strongly about something’. 

super late to the party, but which of louis's videos was this from? /post/93857597483

errr…I’m not actually sure of the name off the top of my head unfortunately, but it would’ve been one of the ones he did in August where he went to a party in London and Dan and Phil happened to be there :)


"What else can we do?""Romance her"
and then that look
you guys know something, don’t you?


"What else can we do?"
"Romance her"

and then that look

you guys know something, don’t you?

Hi, just a quick little question :) Could you, please, check danisnotonfirevyou1's video titled dishumanise. What are your thoughts on Dan's third note and both his and Phil's reaction to it? Could it be that he made it up? Seems to me as if he did.. Thanks. xx


Hi! Of course :)


I do think it’s real and I also think that Dan lied to us when he said he doesn’t know what it means. We have several indicators of this in the following conversation.

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I just always kind of assumed this note was from when Dan tried to touch Louise’s belt and she got scared about him being near her stomach? Because he did say he had written down their most awkward moments in his notes, and if he realised Louise really didn’t like her stomach being touched, it could’ve just been a reminder never to do it again? 


Dear Dan and Phil,

We are very grateful for all of the content you’ve been uploading to YouTube lately and we love every single video.

Sincerely, The Phandom.

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See, all the ordinary folk they just don’t get it. 

They don’t feel the same excitement as us, when we hear we’re getting a brand new free of charge laptop charger, and will never again have to use our mum’s shitty tablet, just to stay online. 

not sending you hate and i hope no one else has but what dan said about the "idiots not passing their exams" i think he was referring to a specific group of people who are usually the bad eggs of the class who disrupt it, and then when he realized how what he said sounded, the next thing he said was that you don't need to pass your exams you can fail and its fine, so i think he regretted what he said. yes he shouldn't of said that but he apologized straight after so he knew he was wrong! :)

Well I’m glad he realised how he was coming across :) Unfortunately I think he does genuinely feel that way, and censors it to make his audience like him, which he’s allowed to do, but I’m just not sure I like that part of his personality - which is ok too :) I like all the rest. Your message was definetly not hate though, and was very sweet :) 

Idk, it’s like I appreciate that Dan is intelligent, and that he’s really proud of it, and that it is something to be celebrated…but I kind of feel that it make him (though probably unintentionally) a little condescending. I love that he’s smart, but I can’t stand the fact that he constantly reminds us all that ‘GCSE’s are easy, if you don’t pass them you’re an idiot! huhuhuhhhh!!’ I’m not even currently taking my GCSE’s, I took them years ago, but surely anyone facing up to 11 exams in a 2 week period is going to struggle, even a little bit? And that’s ok! You don’t have to be intelligent to be a good person!

If you fail your GCSE’s, or you don’t do as well as you’d hoped don’t let anyone, even your favourite Youtuber/celebrity, make you feel bad about it!  I literally had my grandmother die the day of my History exam, and although I did alright in the exam, if I’d failed it, I’d feel a little bit crap if I had someone like Dan going ‘you didn’t pass your GCSEs?? You’re an idiot!’ 

*before the defensive Dan hate arrives…I urge you to check out the rest of my blog, and you will see that I do love him quite a lot…I just think for someone who is so scared of his own fans that he refuses to share any opinions on anything at all, he kind of insults them a little more than necessary*