Ah yes, Dan and Phil’s great Radio 1 promotion…that only features them on air for a grand total of 23 minutes. 

The equivalent time of being briefly interviewed by Grimmy on the Breakfast Show, rather than as two independent DJ’s who have their own show. 

Seriously. We’re done with the music videos. They don’t need to be there. 

Everything else, however, was good. 

We’ll see you in 30 days for another 23 minute slot guys. Don’t miss us too much. 



Rumours are going round that the big news Dan and Phil have is that Dan is moving out, I’m just going to let that sink in.

Yea no. Its a rumour and its not true. I hope… I’m scared. I don’t want that to happen. The idea makes my heart break. T-T

You mean the ‘big super exciting news that we are all going to be really excited about’? Is that Dan is moving out? I know they like to overhype things, but I really don’t think they’re that cruel. Plus they just got their lease renewed for another year so I doubt either of them is going anywhere. 

Oh Dan that was such a great laugh. 

If I’m honest, however, the music videos could’ve gone.

Everyone just switches tabs the minute they come on!

We’ve only got an hour now, we really don’t have time for it. 

Ohh I like this new show.

They’re all grown up and racy. 

It’s great.

No more ‘Friday Download’ and ‘CBBC guest stars’ 

Hello Pornhub and BBC Three

'And you'd be on top, Phil?' 

Hell yeahhhhhh




protect female celebrities whose private photos get leaked at all costs

protect everyone whose private photos get leaked at all costs

men don’t need protection when that happens because slutshaming and victim blaming doesn’t happen to them when their nudes get leaked. people just say “poor babies, how could anyone?” 

and that my friends is called matriarchy. Leaked nudes suck for everyone - no matter the gender of the subject. Aren’t we trying to wipe out all discrimination? Not simply swap female disadvantage for male disadvantage? 

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This upsets me in ways I can’t even describe…



This upsets me in ways I can’t even describe…

But just think about how cute yesterday must have been for Dan and Phil on their first Sunday off…

Both cooking their little roast dinner for two, Dan watching his Formula 1, Phil doing the washing up, enjoying their day off and being all excited for the new show on Monday.

Bless them. 


Jesus christ, I need to learn this so badly


Jesus christ, I need to learn this so badly

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who let this nutball in charge of the phil lester defence squad

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This might be a bit of controversial subject matter here, but after thinking about it, I’m not so sure I’m against the whole ‘having sex just so you can say you’re not a virgin’ thing.

Sex doesn’t have to be this big, transcendent glorified moment in our lives. It can just be labelled like ‘going on a looped roller coaster’ or ‘going to Finland’…something you might not have this big majestic wish for, but you still want to say you’ve done it at some point. 

And, although it’s nice to say ‘but it doesn’t matter whether you’re a virgin or not’, personally, I am bothered by it. For me, as an anxious person, just knowing that I can actually have sex without freaking out and panicking about it is enough for me to stop worrying about it. 

So just watched ‘Deep Breath’ for the first time. 


  • I enjoyed the references to older series, Doctors and episodes.
  • I disliked the dinosaur, as they tried too hard to make it look realistic, it just looked awful and badly animated
  • Whilst, obviously, I’m glad Moffat has branched out into exploring different sexualities in his characters, does it really need to be rammed down our throat that Vastra and Jenny are married? Every five seconds ‘you’re married’ ‘we’re married’ ‘I married her’. It’s like the show feels the need to boast about it. ‘Look everyone, we have lesbians in our show! Aren’t we just amazing?!!?’
  • The scene with the Doctor in the tree, and on the horse. No point. Not funny. Slapstick? Really? It’s Doctor Who…when has slapstick comedy ever been Doctor Who’s style?
  • I appreciate the old trick of trying to feed the audience through the emotions of the companion, it’s always worked well in the past…but I think the ‘veil’ metaphor was a little too complex and intense to work on a show that, if anything, needs some seriously simplifying. 
  • The title sequence is appalling. Have they literally used some sort of souped-up powerpoint presentation designed by 6 years old to create it? It’s shit! 
  • Do they have to keep making all these ‘boyfriend’ jokes about Clara? She is very clearly a person outside of her romantic relationships. The Doctor is no one’s boyfriend, and yet is everyone’s lover, and it has always been this way. But oh no, not Clara, she is definetly the only one who the Doctor could ever have considered his ‘girlfriend’!
  • I’m not sure if Clara’s relationship with Capaldi is quite there yet, but I guess that’s something they’ll have to develop in future episodes, right? The trouble with that is, now that Moffat feels the desperate needs to make all his plots as busy and as complicated as possible, is there going to be any time to develop it, or is it all just solved by a quick emotional phone call from the younger Doctor?
  • And what’s with all the Scottish stuff? Isn’t that a tradition of Doctor Who, that you’re not allowed to be Scottish? 
  • And the ‘chips or coffee’ thing? No. That was Rose. Rose is chips. Rose is chips with new Doctor when everything gets too much and she wants to feel at home. Don’t copy that. 
  • Why are all female villains in Doctor Who exactly the same? They all wear dark lipstick, have hair piled up on top of their heads, talk in solely seductive tones, wear dark, Victorian clothes, and pretend to basically be the Doctor’s lover for 90% of their era until they inevitably get killed off. 
  • No originality.