not sending you hate and i hope no one else has but what dan said about the "idiots not passing their exams" i think he was referring to a specific group of people who are usually the bad eggs of the class who disrupt it, and then when he realized how what he said sounded, the next thing he said was that you don't need to pass your exams you can fail and its fine, so i think he regretted what he said. yes he shouldn't of said that but he apologized straight after so he knew he was wrong! :)

Well I’m glad he realised how he was coming across :) Unfortunately I think he does genuinely feel that way, and censors it to make his audience like him, which he’s allowed to do, but I’m just not sure I like that part of his personality - which is ok too :) I like all the rest. Your message was definetly not hate though, and was very sweet :) 

Idk, it’s like I appreciate that Dan is intelligent, and that he’s really proud of it, and that it is something to be celebrated…but I kind of feel that it make him (though probably unintentionally) a little condescending. I love that he’s smart, but I can’t stand the fact that he constantly reminds us all that ‘GCSE’s are easy, if you don’t pass them you’re an idiot! huhuhuhhhh!!’ I’m not even currently taking my GCSE’s, I took them years ago, but surely anyone facing up to 11 exams in a 2 week period is going to struggle, even a little bit? And that’s ok! You don’t have to be intelligent to be a good person!

If you fail your GCSE’s, or you don’t do as well as you’d hoped don’t let anyone, even your favourite Youtuber/celebrity, make you feel bad about it!  I literally had my grandmother die the day of my History exam, and although I did alright in the exam, if I’d failed it, I’d feel a little bit crap if I had someone like Dan going ‘you didn’t pass your GCSEs?? You’re an idiot!’ 

*before the defensive Dan hate arrives…I urge you to check out the rest of my blog, and you will see that I do love him quite a lot…I just think for someone who is so scared of his own fans that he refuses to share any opinions on anything at all, he kind of insults them a little more than necessary*

Personally, I think Phil suits having his hair back. I mean…have we all forgotten this photo? 


Last time I checked both Mark and Misha were promoted to series regulars for season 10, so why aren’t they being treated like it?


"fuck yeah heterosexuality" whats next.. fuck yeah flavorless oatmeal.. fuck yeah khaki shorts… fuck yeah dandelions without any of the seeds on them so they’re just really ugly shitting up your lawn

wow, sorry for being heterosexual. i mean, it’s not like i was born this way, right? because, sexuality is such a choice an’ all. and it’s so great that my sexuality gets described as ‘ugly’, it really shows the progression of equality and respect fro one another than all humans are developing. 

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 still haven’t forgiven my friend for the time she thought ‘Mary Berry was too stuck up her own arse’. 

 it’s a sore spot in our friendship. 


tbh dan and phil missed out on a great oppurtunity in not naming the channel Phan&Games


Ok, so yes, I was a little disappointed that after all that massive hype, it did turn out to be just a gaming channel (whichloadsofotheryoutubershavedonewithoutanygreatfussoranticipation) 

However…I have just watched the first episode. And I really really enjoyed it. It was really fun, it was cute, it was domestic…overall, based on the video alone, I grinned a lot watching it. 

But on the whole…I would’ve enjoyed it just as much without the unnecessary hype. 

Edit: also I’m not sure they needed the dramatic explanation of how they came to create a gaming channel. I mean…Dan has literally had dinner with Pewdiepie, right? And Joe Sugg, and Alfie, and Joey…? It’s kind of obvious how they came up the idea to make a gaming channel. 


oh my god, I knew it!!

*I know I’m late, I got absorbed in Shutter Island*

But I knew it would be a gaming channel!!

Why on earth did they make so much freaking hype over a gaming channel?

Every other Youtuber has one, and they all introduced them like ‘hey, I have a gaming channel, that’s cool, you might like it’

Whereas Dan and Phil had to be all ‘this is best most super duper exciting project in the world omg it’s so original and amazing’

Eurgh. Knew it.