Really really really doesn’t want to point out an analysis of Phil’s use of language in the ‘you should be grateful I saved our lives’ tweet.

But here we go anyway. 

I dunno, I just thought it was cute that instead of saying the predicted ‘…grateful I saved both of our lives’ which most people would usually use when referring to the lives of two separate people, Phil actually used ‘grateful I saved our lives’ which is a really rare phrase to describe it, but basically is referring to his and Dan’s lives as a whole, rather than individual ones. 

So, in a totally none over-analytical way, basically Phil describes his and Dan’s lives as combined, rather than separate, and if one is saved, the other is too. 

Phil, you literally replied to Dan the second he posted his tweet.

How are we not meant to think you were sat watching him post it? 

And you replied with his favourite emoji. 

I hate you both. 

And Dan, you’re such a fangirl. But one of those older, more loving fangirls, who aren’t all ‘omggggggg phil izz so amazinbg lool! Imma have his babiezzz!’ but instead who are like ‘yep, you’re a huge dork and I hate you so much. But also well done on being the freaking love of my life’ type fangirls. 

And Dan was the only one Phil replied to. Out of all the people who wished him congratulations. Only Dan. 



current situation: waiting for phil to tweet to know he’s awake and that he knows

I suggest you check his twitter now then :)



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Woooo!!! Congratulations Phil!!!

I always genuinely assumed he had millions of subscribers anyway, so now it’s just really great to see him actually get them!!! Yaaaay!

Oh my god Zoe’s video with Tyler is brilliant!

It’s genuinely my favourite collab she’s ever done, it’s hilarious. 

They both act so well!

So I’m guessing the Valentines Day Video is back?

I wonder which response will stop people sharing it? The angry hysterical caps lock abusive ranting, or the calm, logical and reasonable explanations of why you should not share it around? 

I know which one would work on me. 

I has two theories to discuss-

1) I firmly believe that, though on camera Phil talking isn’t that exciting, in real life…he’s absolutely freaking mesmerising. We’ve seen how often Dan gets lost in Phil when he speaks, we saw Adam in the Cat Cafe video becoming in so absorbed in watching Phil talk that he actually lost track of what the conversation is about, even Jim got a bit stare-y in his video with Phil…so to us mere screen-watchers, he just sounds normal, to those hearing him live he must be incredible to watch. 

2) Dan has a condition called ‘heart-eyes’. Not in the sense that he only gets heart eyes when looking at Phil, he genuinely seems to just have one of those faces which looks completely loved up and dreamy when looking at any given person. Watch his face when he looks at Ashens in the sofa video…is that not the same look he gives Phil 98% of the time? He does the heart eyes at Caspar, Joe, Jack and Louise too. It’s quite a common condition…I have a male friend who suffers from it, and I cannot tell you the amount of times I have fallen in and out of love with him just from being on the receiving end of his heart eyes. Then I remember he looks at everyone like that, and it’s like ‘oh’. I think Carrie suffers from it a bit as well, as she seems to look at every person around her like they’re made of gold. Which is incredibly sweet, but a seemingly unconscious natural feature. 

However, just to clarify - Dan’s perpetual ‘heart eyes’ in no way disprove Phan, as anyone can clearly see…though he looks at everyone around him with loving eyes, these eyes fall on Phil more often than they do anyone else in the world. Which is adorable I suppose. 

Thank you so so much for the advice!! I'm gonna screenshot it and put it in my phone forever. It's amazing how a stranger can help me More than the people I know irl. Thank you again for making me feel better. -D

No problem, my dear :) I’m so glad I actually got to help, I’m usually terrible at advice! I’m actually genuinely proud you think my advice was worth something, thank you so much! I hope it works! 

Holy crap Dan and Tyler are watching porn. They’re watching porn!!!

Hey girl I know you give amazing advice so I need your help: I don't know why but I can't be happy for people who are doing well in life even if they are people I love a lot. I compare myself to other people a lot and since I'm not doing very well at the moment it make me feel bad and I feel jealous bc everyone around me is doing better. I feel like I'm a bad person and I don't want to be jealous of people bc they are having better opportunity than me. Pls help. Also sorry if my English is bad

Kay, so to begin with…hey!!! Also thank you so much, it’s so sweet that you came to me! Also, I think one of the first things to say is that a) your English is probably better than mine, and you’ve done a really good job of translating it :) and b) just the fact that you have acknowledged your envy of other people, and that you don’t like how it feels kind of points towards the fact that you are a good person right? A ‘bad-through and through’ person, for example, would try to stop the people around them from succeeding. They’d try to sabotage their opportunities and make them feel bad too, without feeling any guilt about it, and whilst I’m guessing there’s a small part of you that kind of wants to do that, from what you’ve said, you haven’t done - which is just a tiny part of what makes you a good person, therefore reminding you that you are not any lesser than those with ‘better’ opportunities right now. I get that feeling all the time, and especially as I suffer with anxiety, I get so envious of those people who get certain opportunities and don’t panic about them, and feel anxious about them when I know I certainly would. One of the main tips I can give you is ‘fake it til you make it’. Basically, you kill the envious feeling with pretend kindness. You go overboard to make your friends and loved ones feel great about their opportunity. You tell them how proud of them you are, you smile when they tell you about it, you make them cupcakes and presents to congratulate them, you send them ‘well done’ cards and texts…just basically go out of your way to make them feel awesome and deserving, pretending to be absolutely over the moon for their success. And then at the end of the day, you can go home, you can go to bed and think ‘yeah, so my life isn’t quite going the way I planned it, but today I made my friend feel happy. I did that. Well done me.’ If it’s a celebrity or youtuber, for example, whom you get jealous of (trust me, I get this so badly) make a text post about how proud of them you are. Go back and watch some of their videos where they’re a bit down, or upset or crying, and at first you can feel comforted because it’s like ‘hey, look, even though they’re on top of the world right now, they felt shit at one point, just like me! Misery in numbers, woo!’, but then you take a step back and go ‘actually…look at them here, and look at them now. They’ve done so much, and they’re so happy right now…well done to them.’ and just live through their success for a while. I know it’s so hard to do, and I know that when you are feeling really rotten and angry and envious, it does kind of make you want to do irrational and unhelpfully motivational things like apply for jobs you don’t want, or agree to dates with people you don’t like, just so you can feel a sense of achievement, but trust me, you won’t. You’ll compare yourself to other people even more then, and feel even worse. Just write the feeling off as a bad feeling that you can improve on as time goes on, and make yourself feel like a kinder, better person in the process :)

Sorry, this went on for so long, I just hope it helps! <3